Sunday, 13 August 2017

Update 6 - Kenyan Presidential Elections 2017

Today has been a good day! It has been calm all day pretty much country wide (as far as we have heard). We had good services in Kisii Town & have had good reports from several of our other churches. So far, Bible BC of Rongo is the only one that was not able to meet on the church property, but they met in a members home for today's services.

The opposition leader did go into the large Nairobi slums today to speak to his supporters, but unfortunately he was NOT asking them to remain calm. He told them they have the right to demonstrate their grievances & urged them to do so.

So today may have just been the calm before the storm, but our prayer is that the opposition's followers will see that peace is the only way for Kenya to go forward.

Thank you for your continued prayers!

Serving Him in Kenya,

Luke & Tonya Shelby Family
Missionaries in Kenya