Monday, 5 February 2018

Shelby family & Kenya πŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ Update:

The kids & I attended church here in Kisii, & We had a really good service. Pastor Andrew preached on bearing one another’s burdens. The alter was full.
2018 seemed to get off to rough start for our church here, but the trials are drawing all of closer together in a spirit of unity that we have not experienced here before. When the leaders were discussing the theme for our new year & chose “Striving Together,” we had no idea that what was ahead for our church family. They have wonderfully shown brotherly love & have come together to bear a heavy burden. Their spiritual growth has been awesome to see & this is just the 1st week of February! Not sure what God has in store next for Calvary BC of Kisii, but God has brought us through this trying time together & HE will bring us through each step from here as well.
Luke preached at our church in the village of Sidundo (5 1/2 hours away) today, & they also had good services today.

Not even sure what to write concerning Kenya at this point...opposition held a demonstration today & they plan to cause major disruptions in the capital tomorrow. We will be safe here. As the political situation intensifies & TV broadcasting remains turned off, we have been told that social media will be the next to be switched off (as the opposition is using these means to incite people to mass action). Not trying to scare anyone or anything, we are just use to having a plan B, C, & D in place after living in Kenya this long (lol). So...if social media gets cut off, we will communicate via email. If you are not on our mailing list, please visit our website & subscribe to our Letters & Updates in order to receive our emails when we can get things out. If for any reason that fails, we will hopefully be able to use our phones for calls & texts, & we will stay in contact with our families & home church, & they will be able to post updates on their FB accounts.

2764❤️ you all! Thank you for your faithful prayers.

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